A Little Help From My Friends And Colleagues

Here’s the deal … the short version: I have written a book, am trying to get the word out about that book, and need my journalist colleagues to help tell my story.

Here’s the not so short version of the deal … when I was a very little girl I was sexually and physically abused for seven years by a member of the Catholic clergy, the events – literally – were erased from my memory, 40 years later those events came rushing back in frightening flashbacks, I spent years and years in therapy figuring out those flashbacks, I had to face my demons and and fight – really fight – church officials, and I have chronicled all of this in a self-published book.

Yes, I self-published. I wish I had a major publishing house paying the bills, but none wanted to touch an unknown author and a clergy sex abuse story. However, I believe this is a story which needs to be told; 1) so that people will know how terribly the Catholic Church treats abuse survivors, 2) reveal the interesting way my therapist and I deciphered the flashbacks to learn what happen and who abused me, and 3) to maybe get answers the Catholic Church still refuses to give.

Several hundred people have read the book and have given great reviews. I need to “catch a break” to get some “buzz” about the book. I need my fellow-journalists to see the news value of this story. The news value comes from how my brain “protected” me by removing the memories – repressed memories – when I was a five year old little girl. The other valued component is how my therapist patiently helped me reveal and understand the contents of the flashbacks.

This is an incredible story. Unfortunately, this is also a true story. It will make an interesting newspaper or magazine story, a captivating TV or radio talk show segment, and a wake-up call for the Catholic Church. I need help telling my story to the masses. I need the help of working journalists.

I ask you to check out the website (bethtaylorbooks.com), give it some thought, consider the news cycle of the election is over and that before the Holidays this may be a good time for my story. I believe this is a win-win-win proposal for journalists, their audience, and me. Please help me tell my story.

Brave your journey … you are so worth the adventure!


Another Day Thankful

#30DaysThankful Day 9: I’m thankful for a doctor friend and his wife who help me so much on a daily basis. Love you Don & Bev.

A News Junkie Thinks

Election night made me think, and revive my old blog. Maybe you will want to check out the site: http://anewsjunkiethinks.blogspot.com/

The Vote – More Important Than My Book

Tuesday, November 6, 2012, marks one dozen times I have had the opportunity to vote in a United States presidential election; and maybe the most important presidential election since I was given the right to vote at age 18.

Some may disagree, but I believe this is an accurate assessment. There may have been more stressful times in the history of this great nation when selecting a leader was more crucial. Maybe during World War I and World War II, or during the Great Depression, During the Cold War or the Vietnam War when battles were being waged in the jungles of Southeast Asia and on the streets of America. But I look around today and see that these are troubling times.

Today we have high unemployment, college students are overwhelmed with debt, healthcare is broken, we are battling terrorism around the world and on our own shores, the war on drugs continues, senior citizens have to decide whether to buy medication or pay their power bill, the government has had to bail out banks and the auto industry, we are dependent on foreign oil, we are polluting our earth, a generation of young people is being wiped out by gun violence in our cities, our schools are failing, we have kids who go hungry, our people are unhealthy, many of our hero-athletes are proven to be cheaters, we have an illegal immigration problem, and as the most powerful nation on earth we are borrowing money from China. Sometimes I want to reach up, stop the earth from spinning for a day, let everybody take a huge deep breath, pause, then face the situations that must be resolved.

With all of this – and so many other issues to be faced – there are actually two men who have spent millions upon millions of dollars battling each other to become president and tackle these problems. I have asked myself numerous times if these men – President Barak Obama and Governor Mitt Romney – are in their right mind to want to take on these incredible challenges. I wonder if they want this job because of ego, or a lust for power, or if they truly believe they can make a difference and make things better.

Whatever the reason, they must be commended for putting themselves in this position … to spend the better part of two years campaigning while putting their families through the travel and scrutiny. It has – in my opinion – been a nasty race as witnessed even on Facebook. And even with the campaign coming to a close in the next 24-hours, it could – unfortunately – get worse before it’s over. That’s because the race is being called a “statistical dead heat,” too close to call. If that’s the case we could have an election battled in the courts much the way it was in 1998 with George W. Bush and Al Gore.

However, before that happens, the election is in our hands … yours, mine, our neighbors, friends, family members, and even those individuals who think differently from us. It is our right, privilege, and duty to get ourselves to the polls today and vote.

Often times we take for granted our right to vote. There was a time when only men who owned property were allowed to vote. It wasn’t all that long ago when women and people of color had to fight – and die – in our own country to get the opportunity to vote. Before 1972 young men were drafted into the military to die for this country at age 18, but couldn’t vote until they were 21-years-old.

In Mississippi, where I lived for 30 plus years, civil rights leader Vernon Dahmer was killed by the KKK in the 1960s for registering African Americans to vote. A business owner with grown children, he died before ever casting his first vote.

Like so many Americans, I didn’t go to war for the right to vote. I didn’t have to battle as a woman for the right to vote. As a white American I didn’t have to have the Civil Rights Movement work to insure I could vote. My right to vote, beginning in 1972 and continuing to today, is a gift to be treasured and used.

I beg all Americans to treasure the gift, get to the polls, and vote for the individual you believe is best able to defend the constitution of the United States and keep our nation strong for generations to come.

Brave your journey … you are so worth the adventure!

The Thankful Month Project

It’s hard to believe this year is sliding into its homestretch, with Christmas only 54 days away.

However, before Christmas arrives, we have to get through November and enjoy the very special holiday of Thanksgiving. To that end, I heard about the Thanksgiving Project; where one decides each day to name something for which she/he is thankful.

For me, the past two years have been very difficult and there are days where I concentrate on what “I don’t have,” rather than “what I do have.” I try to look on the positive and bright side of things, but lately it seems I’m walking around with a bullseye on my back attracting the unpleasant things in life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for a boatload of people and things in my life. But I don’t always wear my rose -colored glasses.

Consequently when I learned of the Thanksgiving Project I decided I would take the challenge and force myself to not only look for the positives in my life, but to also share the positives … if for nothing more than to make myself accountable for acknowledging the blessings which have been bestowed on me. So here it is, November 3, 2012, and here are my first three Thankful notes:

Day 1: I’m thankful that at 82-years-old, my mother is in great health!

Day 2: I’m thankful to have this time living with my mother.

Day 3: I’m thankful for my cousin who is the sister I never had. Two weeks ago she brought me out for some much-needed fun!

And I’m hoping that by the end of this day I will be able to say that I’m thankful LSU beat BAMA. I’ll check back in about 14-hours.

Brave your journey … you are so worth the adventure!

Happy Halloween Treat, No Trick

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Thanks To My Media Friends

Interviewed by Karen Abernathy about my book “Bless Them Father, for They Have Sinned.”

Last week I was invited to appear on WLOX-TV in Biloxi/Gulfport, MS … otherwise known as “The Coast.”

Having worked “just up the road” at sister-station WDAM-TV in Hattiesburg (about 100 miles away) it was like being at home with friends. Thanks to General Manager Dave Vincent, News Director Brad Kessie, and Anchor Karen Abernathy who did the interview.

I must admit, it is a little different being the person interviewed rather than the person doing the interview, but I’m getting the hang of this. What is most important to me is that 1) the story be told, 2) that the Catholic Church is held accountable, and that 3) maybe – just maybe – by telling my story someone else can be helped.

I hope there will be many more TV, newspaper, and radio interviews coming up. As a journalist, I know that the U.S. presidential election is uppermost on the mind of every editor, producer, and news director. That means I need to wait until after November 6 to try arranging any more interviews.

Additionally, I’m planning events at numerous libraries in both Louisiana and Mississippi. This past week I sent out almost 200 news releases about the book to newspapers in Ireland. You may wonder why news releases were sent to Ireland. Well, next to the United States, Ireland has the highest number of Catholic clergy sex abuse cases. If my journalist colleagues use the information, maybe the book will help some of those survivors. And maybe there will be an increase in sales.

Brave your journey … you are so worth the adventure!